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Hey, buy some of these interviews, will you?

So if you're here because you know me from my life in curling and not as a comedian, you might also know that I've hosted a podcast called The Curling Show since 2005. That's a bloody long time, I'll tell you that. On the podcast, I interviewed, "...the sport's top athletes and the people who shape the game." In the curling community, it's been pretty damn popular, and I've done more than 250 interviews over the years. 

A couple of months ago, somebody took it upon themselves to hack my podcast site. So mean-spirited. So now it's basically lifeless, sitting there like the soggy celery you optimistically bought two months ago and just now found in the bottom of the crisper. I am going to relaunch it in the coming months, using this site, but in the meantime, I'm putting some of the back catalog up for sale right here. 

How much, you ask? A mere 99 cents USD per interview. Even if you're scratching together some Canadian dollars, that's still just pennies per minute. You can also hear how dorky I sounded when I started out as a host, and how I seemed to relax a lot more as I got older and my body and mind started their steady declines. 

I plan to keep adding interview as I remember conversations that I enjoyed or an athlete does something that I think might make curling fans suddenly especially interested in them. 

Like this Gushue guy, of course. He just won a pretty epic Tim Hortons Brier and both Brad and his teammates have been on the show quite a bit over the years. So the Team Gushue canon is available right now, along with a few others. 

Remember, I'll be adding as often as I can. But if there's a curler you would like to hear now, add a comment below and I'll see what I can dig up. Chances are, they've been on the podcast, some of them multiple times. 

I hope you'll spring for a few. If you're a coach, you might be able to use them to motivate and inform your teams. If you're a curling nerd, well, this is exactly what you need. 

You know you want to hear them. You're so close. A bunch of them are  right here.  

You know you want to hear them. You're so close. A bunch of them are right here.