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More than 250 Interviews. Over 100 Hours. Seven Random Minutes.

by Dean Gemmell

In 2005, I launched The Curling Show and begin interviewing, "...the sport's top athletes and the people who shape the game." I hosted, produced and posted over 250 interviews with Olympic gold medalists, top players on the World Curling Tour, and the leaders of the sport's major organizations. It was a go-to destination for both curling nerds and the world's best players, and helped build the profiles of the athletes. I continued to do it even after winning a national championship and competing against many of the players I had on the show as guests. After more than ten years and well over 100 hours of content, I stopped doing the podcast to focus on other efforts. I tried to put a few minutes together that represent the show — it's hardly exhaustive but it was all I had the patience to get done.